Monday, October 22, 2012


The ladies have one of the kids daily help them cook in the kitchen. They all take turns in the kitchen and some days they all fight over who is going to help cook. Some of the kids have finally learned to cook without the help of the adults. The last month or so there has been days when we do not have any staff here to cook or clean and the kids really are learning to step up and take more responsibility. Antonio has been great at cooking the rice. He does a great job!!! This past Friday we needed to make lunch and was in charge of making lunch. He choose Sisi to come to the kitchen to help him. They both did a great job. They made me a little nervous as they were cooking french fries and had to boil grease. Every time I would go into the kitchen to check on them Antonio would tell me to get out the kitchen because I made him nervous.
 Although they were careful and made a delicious lunch. It feels so good to see them growing up and learning to do things on their own and putting in practice what they have been taught.

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