Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sewing Classes continue

The girls started sewing classes back in March. They are slowly learning more and more. Donna has been very patient with these girls and is slowly showing them how to do more. She has the girls divided into two groups. The younger girls worked on braiding fabric and making bracelets and headbands. They even made some to sell in the CASA store. 
The older girls learned to to make an outfit. A simple skirt and shirt. They were very proud of their hard work. 
At the end of the week Donna had the girls put on a fashion show. Some of them had a hoot with it and pranced and blew kisses while others were quite embarrassed.
Then they all celebrated their hard work and Donna invited them to a coke and M&M's.

Ana and Cindy
Cindy thought it was pretty funny when it was her turn to walk down the "runway".
All five of the girls and their new outfits.

Donna is suppose to be back in Jan and the girls will continue with their sewing classes.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Another teenager

Happy Birthday Sisi!!! 
We have another teenager in the house. She turned 13 today. 

Thursday, October 02, 2014


Jackson has been here at CASA since summer of 2008. His mom is faithful to always come and visit him. Sometimes she gets here late and is only able to spend 20 minutes with Jackson but the important part is that she always comes to see him. She sometimes comes with Jackson's brother, sister or grandma. But Friday she came with Jackson's dad. Jackson had a huge grin on his face when he saw his dad. He has not seen his dad since he has been here living. It was my first time of meeting his dad. 
I have so many mixed emotions on these kids and their parents. They just show up when the want to. I don't get it. Meanwhile the kids suffer and wonder where their family are at times and do they even really care of love them. Although at the same time when their parents to show up the kids almost always are joyful and thrilled that their parents came. It is just knowing that someone cares. 

These kids need prayers as it is such a hard thing coming and seeing their parents. Some not sure when they will see them again and others wondering why their parents didn't come. 

Sisi and Rosy were going to be up for adoption because their parents had not come to see them. Although when their picture was published by IHNFA last summer in the paper their parents showed up. Their dad now comes every couple of months to see the girls. He is working hard to try to get the girls out of here. We are torn and heartbroken as we don't want the girls to go. Sisi was in tears after the visitation on Friday as she says she doesn't want to go. And Rosy shrugged her shoulders and said she was ready to go. Now it is just a waiting game. The way things work here I don't like it at all. If and when their dad is granted permission he will just show up one day at the gate with a letter form the judge stating we are to give them back. I hate that. I worry about their future and what lies ahead for them.
Also Antonio and Daniela have never had anyone visit them. Their mom has never showed up. They also are up for the abandonment process and adoption. Well last week I got a call from their mom. She has went to the judges office and they had given her my number. At first I thought it was a joke. They have been here since 2007 and nothing and then all of the sudden she shows up. She is working on getting rights to see her kids. Crazy!!! I am not even sure at this point how Antonio feels about his mom but Daniela asks me often if I can get ahold of their mom. Their mom is working on paper work with the judge.  
Then there is Yair and Any. Their mom is a young woman. She has two other little ones under the age of 2. She has only made it twice all year to see her kids. Yair always says when it comes visitation day that his mom is going to come and then ends up angry because she didn't show up. 

Please be in prayer for all of these kids and their hearts. As all of this stuff is rough on their hearts.

Jackson and his parents

Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Cindy and Maryuri were in for a surprise last month at visitation. Their mom had called me and told me she was going to do a birthday party for the girls. The girls birthdays are in June and July but due to financial situation their mom was unable to do a birthday party like she usually does. Like they say it is better late than never. The girls were super excited when they got to visitation on Friday to find out that their mom had bought a pinata, cake, and pop. 

 Maryuri and Cindy with their mom
All of the kids at visitation were excited for the birthday party. As that meant they also got cake, pop, and candy. As the candy went flying out from the pinata the parents even were scrambling to get candy.
Happy belated birthday girls!!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beans and Corn

The kids have been out of school this week a few days due to Independence Day. So we have been taking advantage of the kids days off and put them to work on cleaning corn and beans. The kids wanted corn tamales so most of them were busy picking, scraping, and cutting the corn off of the cob. And boy did we have a mess. 
Then we have beans that need cleaned. The kids have been picking out all of the rocks and dirt. And they had beans flying every which direction. 
I don't think the kids realized how much work it was to clean the corn off the cob or clean the beans. I think it will help make them be a little more grateful for what they are eating the hard work that was put into cleaning and preparing them.

 Any and Cindy cleaning the beans 
 Maryuri and Reina
 Cleaning the corn
Rosy, Any, Maryuri, and Ana
Christina leading up the kitchen crew

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Independence parade


Every year it is a huge task to get all of our kids ready for the BIG parade. I am not just talking about the day of the parade but the whole month leading up to it. We have a handful of kids who participate. Making sure each kids have each and every detail of their uniform/costume. 
Katy's outfit this year was the most time consuming. She was to go in a recycled costume. Katy worked collecting water bags and Elvia worked at sewing them together. Then the teacher, Elvia, and me working on decorating her outfit. The rest of the kids were cheerleaders, soldiers, animals, flowers, and ribbons twirlers. It can quite costly to get all of the kids outfits. Although over the years we have bought and saved them and have been able to reuse most of them.
 Daniela and Sisi both wanted to be cheerleaders this year and I told them that we did not have that kind of money to send on each child for the parade. So they both had their own money and they paid for their outfits. It made it all the more special for them as they knew they had to buy them themselves and all of the hard work put in to it.

Katy in her recycled water bag dress
Josue, Nohemy, Maryuri, Katy, Sisi, Fernando, and Ana
Ana leading the soldiers


Daniela and Sisi after the parade. It was a hot morning and the kids were tired, thirsty,sore, and hungry by the time the parade ended. I couldn't even get Daniela to smile.

Katy and Fernando
Josue, Lupe, Any, and Cris

Maryuri, Cindy, and Nohemy

Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy happy birthday

Daniela turned 12 yesterday. Happy Happy Birthday Daniela!!!!